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Find & Treat the Cause of Your Health Problems in a simple Process

Step #1
Attend our educational seminar or call to schedule an evaluation with Tal Cohen, DAOM.

The first step is to come in as our guest to learn from our health seminars about how to reduce pain and inflammation, balance your hormones, etc.

Step #2
Fill out our Functional Surveys

The surveys cover symptoms of organ and system function, e.g. adrenal, liver, etc. as well as learn about exposure to toxins, your diet and lifestyle, your goals, and potential obstacles.

Step #4
Build a Treatment Plan

A report-of-findings session is followed by review of labs. For example, digestion or adrenal function, and a protocol is custom built for you.

Step #3
Find the Triggers of Dysfunction

The evaluation process starts with a review of your body's function. We will review all the surveys and use several tests in-office to identify what factors that triggered dysfunction. In the end of the session, you will receive recommendations for treatment of further labs to verify the problems.

Our programs include Functional Medicine, professional grade supplements, and treatments to stimulate a powerful change in your body. The program also includes acupuncture, manual therapy, naturopathy, personal coaching, and access to our online membership site with videos and books.

A New Way Clinic offers

The Science of Tissue Regeneration


We use a unique stem cell therapy that provides bio-active molecules, building blocks and growth factors to heal injuries, damaged or degenerated joints, and reduce inflamed tissues.

(click here to learn more)

Step #5
Start Your Custom Protocol