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Immune Boosting Herbal Remedies

One way to help expel pathogens from the body is through sweating. Sweating can be a great form of detoxification and if you don’t have at home access to an infrared sauna while practicing social distancing right now there are some pretty effective ways to create the same effect using herbal remedies like ginger.





  • Cut 20 slices of raw ginger

  • Cook in a pot with 1.5 cup of water 

  • Bring it to a boil for 2 minutes

  • Strain boiled ginger liquid into a cup

  • Optional add 1-2 spoons of honey or brown sugar (for a sweeter taste)

  • Drink this while it’s hot to induce sweating

  • Do this at least twice a day!




CHILDREN (or those who may be adverse to the taste of herbs)


  • Boil some ginger using the same recipe as above

  • Pour strained liquid into a tub of hot-warm bathwater to induce sweating

  •  Adults can do this as well in addition to ingesting the herbs

  • Once a day is sufficient until cold/flu symptoms subside, refrain from doing this excessively, as it will induce too much sweating, and may lead to dehydration!

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