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Stem Cell Therapy Brings Hope for Patients with Arthritis, Autoimmune, or Joint or Nerve pain

Stem cell therapy has been acknowledged in medical history across the world as a big discovery in natural healing. The stem cells are first injected into the patient’s injured area. They then transform into different cells, which often depends upon the instructions provided by the human body. This allows the stem cells to become tissue cells, bone cells, nerve cells, or other cells that are needed in that area. This ability to become whatever cells are necessary in the affected area is what medical practitioners believe is so unique about stem cell therapy. A large number of cells injected into the patient’s body will help in healing the injuries at an accelerated pace. Studies show that the best results achieved with stem cell therapy are seen in neuropathy, joint pain, and osteoarthritis.


"It changed my life." -Frank, Vancouver, WA

"My pain level diminished by 75 to 80%." -Steven, Portland, Oregon

"The pain was very sharp in my knee and it would take my breath away. Within two weeks (after the procedure) my knees feel pretty good. I could have went back to straight to work after the (stem cells) injection." -Kimberly, Portland, Oregon

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"I had chronic back pain... it got to the point that I could not put my shoes on. Five years ago, my hips started hurting and my doctor told me I'll need a hip replacement surgery." -Blue, Portland, Oregon

"We were struggling with long term diabetes type 2... and cognitive impairment. Within a few weeks, my friends noticed a change. Now... my diabetes is so under control. I'm grateful. my self control is back." 

-Dr. Janice Humphrey, Vancouver, Washington

"It was related to Multiple Sclerosis. It was too painful to do anything and my muscles were weak. I am now walking heel to toe without pain." 

-Robin, Vancouver, Washington

"I had 4 degenerative discs... with arthritis and stenosis. They (doctors) wanted to fuse my spine from my stomach. My feet were hurting so much that I could hardly walk. 

Now... my leg pain is mostly gone. This is the most relief I got in 20 years."

-Ryan, Portland, Oregon

It is time for you to live the life you deserve, free of pain, happy, and enjoying your hobbies and family. 


If you have been suffering from pain,

it's time for a change.  

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